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Strategic Volunteer Involvement Info 

Volunteers are Ambassadors for your organization and for the area! They are most likely the first people guests at events, festivals and programs that clients meet. There is a new publication from the South Okanagan Similkameen Volunteer Centre available. Resources are free to staff and volunteers of organizations that draw on volunteers for programs, events and festivals.  Thank you to the City of Penticton – Municipality for supporting this initiative.                        



The Volunteer Centre plays an important role in developing the quality of
volunteering, NOT just in providing volunteers. We:

promote and advocate for volunteerism in the region
• are a source of research based information on volunteering
• manage local databases of volunteers and organizations
• inform volunteers on their rights and responsibilities
• offer personal consults with volunteers of all ages and stages of life on applying their skills and interests
• provide tools, resources, and consultation to organizations who need volunteers




NOTE:  The Next Team Gathering is on FEB 27, 2019. There will be no gathering in Jan.  Please contact the Volunteer Centre if you wish to meet with a staff member at any time.

Consider joining The Volunteer Centre’s Team Gathering where new and seasoned volunteers meet the last Wednesday of each month from 11:30 am to 1 pm.  Location:  102-696 Main Street, Penticton. The Teams’ purpose is to discuss volunteer experiences and opportunities to volunteer together. Volunteer opportunities are made available to the team. Everyone is welcome. Please RSVP to confirm attendance. Lite lunch and refreshments provided.

The SOS Volunteer Centre connects residents with meaningful volunteer work.  Browse Opportunities and register as a volunteer to receive updates at www.volunteercentre.info. For more information or to meet with a staff member e-mail info@volunteercentre.info or call 1-888-576-5661.

What the South Okanagan Similkameen Volunteer Centre does:

Promote Volunteerism: We encourage people to volunteer and raise public awareness about the contributions of volunteers and the value of volunteering.

Build Capacity for Effective Volunteering: We help community leaders to do a better job of recruiting, managing, retaining and appreciating volunteers. We assist social service, educational, and environmental Charities and Non-profits to effectively engage today’s volunteers

Provide Leadership: We collaborate with governments, community leaders and organizations and speak on behalf of volunteers and volunteering.

Help Develop Community: We provide easy access to opportunities that allow people to connect to their community through volunteering.

Help attract volunteers to events and activities undertaken by community organizations Attract all potential volunteers and especially target potential volunteer groups and encourage, educate and support them to volunteer in the community. Groups include Youth, Corporate Employees, Families, Baby Boomers, New Canadians, and those that are differently-abled.

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