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OUR VISION: To bring compassion and hope to those affected by schizophrenia and psychosis

OUR MISSION: To improve the quality of life for those affected by schizophrenia and psychosis through education, support, public policy and research


1. Family Centred

We provide education and caring support for families affected by serious mental illness. The family unit is our first responsibility and primary focus; the person with the illness is always included in the definition of family.

2. Partnership and Respect

We do not work in isolation. We seek to build a broad range of dynamic partnerships through open and timely communications based on respect and appreciation for all those we serve and work with.

3. Innovation and Improvement
We are committed to innovation through ongoing learning and improvement to meet the changing and diversified needs of families with mental illness in today’s society.

4. Accountability and Transparency
We measure our performance and follow a process of continuous improvement. We are wholly accountable for our actions to our supporters for our use of financial and human resources available to us.


Volunteers are needed for:

Puppeteer Program – entertainer: Volunteers, including young people, are needed for the Puppeteer Program: An educational program for elementary school children to combat the stigma & discrimination around mental illness. Volunteers will work with a team of entertainers and are provided a script and manipulate a puppet to tell an important story to young people.

Volunteers for Partnership Presentations on experience with mental illness:  Partnership Presentations participant is a family member, person in recovery or professional who will help with a story telling program. The program is about individual experiences with mental illness and educates the public. Attend workshops and share the experiences that you have.

Board Members: As a volunteer Board Member you will be working with a like-minded and dedicated group of volunteers to help operate and support the Society. This is a Working board and requires at least 6 hours/month. Some positions on the Board include a Fundraising committee chair and Volunteer Coordination committee chair.

Contact the Mental Wellness Centre at 250 493-7338 for more info or e-mail bcsspenticton@shaw.ca