One in five people experience a mental illness in their lifetime, but all of us know of a friend, a family member or a colleague who has dealt with a mental illness issue. Mental illness is the #1 reason for disability claims in the workplace and is the fastest rising cause of workplace absenteeism, yet less than 50% seek treatment. Stigma and discrimination is often cited as the reason for this.  CMHA SOS branch, which serves the South Okanagan from Summerland to Osoyoos and across the Similkameen to Princeton, exists to promote the mental health of all. The branch supports the resilience and recovery of those living with mental illness, and their families and communities, through education, advocacy and services.

Unity House Activity & Kitchen Support: Unity House has a full program of weekly activities that support resilience and recovery of those living with mental illness. These include writing groups, art classes, spirituality groups, exercise classes, and games/puzzles. We also have an active meals program that provides health, affordable meal options for members. We are looking for people who are willing to help by engaging with members through activities and helping prepare meals and take-outs. Contact: CMHA Unity House at 250 493-6327 (Mon-Fri) or email:  cmha_unity@shaw.c
Contact CMHA-SOS at 250 493-8999 (Mon.-Thurs) e-mail: Or visit our website for more information