Mission Statement: The overall goals are to contribute to improving the health and quality of life with an increasingly diverse population of older adults, and to assist their families, health care providers, and governments in meeting the challenges and potentials of an aging society. A major focus of activity of the Ladner Office is recruiting and training volunteers to deliver self-management programs and training health care professionals to use self-management support strategies when interacting with patients. UVic/ Self-Management BC offers no cost workshops for those living with various chronic conditions.  The topics for the workshops include: Chronic Pain, Cancer: Thriving and Surviving, Diabetes and Chronic Conditions (this includes conditions such as heart disease, respiratory conditions, MS, Parkinson’s, etc.).  The workshops run once a week for six weeks.  Each week the workshop is 2.5 hours.  These are all community-based, face-to-face workshops.  For those that cannot attend one of these programs there is the option to attend an online program in Chronic Conditions or have a Self-Management Health Coach.

Benefits of volunteering :  Those who volunteer with Self-Management BC make a significant impact on the lives of those impacted by a chronic health condition for months after the program is completed.   As well as helping these individuals the volunteer workshop leader also learns from the participant, since many of our leaders have a chronic condition themselves or know someone who does.   Volunteers will be meeting new people and learning skills such as leading and facilitating groups.

Anyone over age 19- Seniors, Physically challenged persons are welcome to volunteer

Program Leaders – The Chronic Conditions, Chronic Pain, Diabetes and Cancer: Thriving and Surviving Self-Management Programs

Role To  co-lead  a  group  program  that  gives  participants  the  knowledge,  skills  and  confidence  to manage their health conditions.

Responsibilities/Duties -Conducts each weekly session in accordance with the appropriate program Leader’s Manual.

– Sets and maintains a warm, relaxed and friendly atmosphere within each session.

-Ensures that attendance by the participants is noted at each session and questionnaires are collected and returned (if applicable).

-Ensures the return of the sign-in sheet and questionnaires to the Program Coordinator in a timely manner.

-Communicates questions/issues/compliments to the Program Coordinator to promote the program.

-Gets together with co-leader to plan sessions as possible.

Time Commitment

– Completes a free, four-day (24 hours) Leader Training Workshop.

– Co-leads one 6-session workshop  within the first six months following the training and another 6-session workshop within 12 months (total of approximately 30 -40 hours peryear).

-Prepares to lead the sessions (amount of time may vary).

Qualifications and Skills

-Ability to present information from the leader’s Manual in a clear, concise and non-judgemental manner.

-Interest in working with groups and ability to use group process skills.

– Understanding of the concept and value of self-management.

– Acceptance that the role of lay-leader is that of a “guide” and not a teacher.

-Successful completion of the four-day Leader Training Workshop.

-Having a chronic health condition or has a familiarity with the challenges of living with chronic health conditions.

-Having good communication skills, especially confidence and ability to speak in a group setting.

To volunteer contact Charles Labun – Program Coordinator,  Phone#: 604-940-1273, Email: pclabun@uvic.ca