Our Services

The South Okanagan Similkameen Volunteer Centre is a registered non-profit society and a registered charity that provides a direct service to the community meaning that all of our programs and services are open and accessible to the public.  Access to resources and support services for everyone, including, but not limited to, volunteers, volunteer managers and volunteer based community organizations are available through our Society. The Volunteer Centre plays a key role in promoting and supporting effective volunteering in our community.  We:

  • Promote Volunteerism: We encourage people to volunteer and raise public awareness about the contributions of volunteers and the value of volunteering.
  • Build Capacity for Effective Volunteering: We help community leaders to do a better job of recruiting, managing, retaining and appreciating volunteers. We assist social service, educational, and environmental Charities and Non-profits to effectively engage today’s volunteers
  • Provide Leadership: We collaborate with governments, community leaders and organizations and speak on behalf of volunteers and volunteering.
  • Help Develop Community: We provide easy access to opportunities that allow people to connect to their community through volunteering.
    • Help attract volunteers to events and activities undertaken by community organizations
    • Attract all potential volunteers and especially target potential volunteer groups and encourage, educate and support them to volunteer in the community. Groups include Youth, Families, Baby Boomers, New Canadians, and those that are differently-abled.

The SOS Volunteer Centre is a one stop place where the public can learn about places to volunteer and apply their skills and experience.  We provide the public with:

  1. An opportunity to register as a volunteer electronically and we provide residents with updates on volunteer opportunities when they become available.
  2. A List of Volunteer opportunities open in the community
  3. Access to a website and searchable database of Volunteer Opportunities
  4. Information on volunteering by attending public events, health fairs etc. and writing articles and publishing media info
  5. A Guide to Volunteering (including rights and responsibilities of volunteers and Non-profits)
  6. Info on the benefits of Volunteering (to the community and the volunteer incl. Health benefits)
  7. Self- Assessment tool for those who are new, or want to try different volunteer roles
  8. Best practices on engaging volunteers (workshops and educational materials, including best practices for engaging youth as volunteers)