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SOS Volunteer Centre supports volunteers within the Okanagan Similkameen region to find meaningful opportunities to volunteer in their community. SOS Volunteer Centre is a community connector!    

Volunteer Information

Are you looking to volunteer? 

Volunteers build healthy connected communities!
  • We can connect you to meaningful volunteer opportunities in your community. 

Looking for volunteers? 


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Volunteers build healthy and connected communities!
  • We can support you in finding the volunteers that your  Nonprofit Organization needs!

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Launching January 2024

Locals supporting locals! 
  • Increased Visibility  with Okanagan Similkameen

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  • What does the SOS Volunteer Centre do?

    The Volunteer Centre plays an essential role in the Community. We inspire and foster volunteer engagement by providing the means for organizations and potential volunteers to connect.

  • How can I support the SOS Volunteer Centre?

    The Volunteer Centre hosts events, programs, and fundraisers throughout the year.  By getting involved as a Volunteer in our programs, attending our fundraising events, or becoming a sponsor or donor,  you will be helping to make a more vibrant community through supporting volunteerism.  

  • How do you help Organizations?

    We assist over 100 Non-profit Organizations by promoting their volunteer opportunities to our 1200+ Volunteer base. We help inspire and recruit new volunteers in our communities and help create opportunities to appreciate all our local Volunteers.

  • How much is the membership fee?

    As of 2022, our membership fee is FREE!  It is our way to support all our local Non-profits, festivals, and partners who need Volunteers.

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What's New?

 Check out what programs we are working on, events coming up, important milestones, fun giveaways, and more! 


South Okanagan Similkameen is as a non-profit charitable society that relies on donations, grants, and fundraisers to support volunteerism.   Funds raised support programs, and volunteers through funding SOS Volunteer Centre to do its role of connecting volunteers with meaningful opportunities to give back to their community through events or programs offered by other non-profit organizations.   

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