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Expand your day, your insights, your life, by volunteering!

South Okanagan Similkameen Community Connections Volunteer Centre

March 2024 Article

Submitted by Laura Turnbull – Board Chairperson

Spring bulbs are popping through the ground and sign-up notices for sporting

programs are posted throughout the area are surely signs that spring is in the air! Many of us find this season to be a time of renewal and refreshment. What better way to revive oneself than through volunteering.

Countless sporting teams are looking for volunteer coaches, managers, and

helpers. Art galleries throughout the region are looking for willing helpers in their

various programs and exhibits. And let’s not forget the festivals that are starting up in a short while. Thousands of volunteers help make the many festivals the success that they are. Whether it be taking tickets, helping behind the scenes, or assisting with parking, there is a volunteer task for you.

Perhaps your interest lies more in assisting the elderly. Helping read to an

infirmed person, visiting with a recently hospitalized neighbour, or delivering meals on wheels might be right for you. A friend volunteers at the hospital aiding folk who will be going for surgery. Another friend donates her computer skills to an organization she believes in one morning a week. Several local organizations are looking for board members to help in the governance of their society.

If you want to do something rewarding this spring, contact the South Okanagan

Similkameen Community Connections Volunteer Centre at 1-888-576-5661, email the Centre at or drop into its new location in The Cannery at 110-1475 Fairview Road. Office hours are generally 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Calling ahead first is highly encouraged. Our Executive Director Subrina Monteith

would love to talk to you about volunteering for spring satisfaction!

Expand your day, your insights, your life, by volunteering!

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